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Shadowkit: A Tail Of Two Cats

Posted by Shadowkit & More on November 27, 2011 at 7:15 PM

Shadowkit was born in Nightclan, along with his brothers Blackkit (Blackstar, Leader of Nightclan) and Smokekit (Smokeheart, Deputy of Nightclan). His mother Violetclaw treated completly ignored Shadowkit because he was the runt. Shadowkit was always sad and lonely. He only found comfort by watching the Nightclan medicine cat work. When Violetclaw found out, she became enraged. "I will not allow my kit to grow up and become a medicine cat!" she had said. Soon, she cast him out of the nursery, out of Nightclan. Shadowkit had to live on his own, as a rogue.

At 7 moons, Shadowkit changed his name to Shadow and soon decided to start his own clan. Sadly, the cats he recruited were not the clan type, so he decided to call it an army. Shadow grew up to be a muscular, sleek black tom with bright, fierce blue eyes. Not only did he grow, but so did his army. Shadow sat on a trash can one day, thinking. Whats the point of this army? he asked himself. To survive. No, its more than that, he insisted. Then the word popped into his mind: Revenge...

Soon Shadow recruited more and more cats until his army was filled with fierce, bloodthirsty, battle hungry cats. He led an attack on the clan cats, only to be killed by Bloodfang of Leafclan. Shadow was soon reincarnated into Shadowkit who now leads the army again along with his loyal friend Harekit.

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